• Believers World Outreach - Oklahoma USA  - Mission Finder

  • Believers World Outreach - Oklahoma USA  - Mission Finder

  • Believers World Outreach - Oklahoma USA  - Mission Finder

  • Believers World Outreach - Oklahoma USA  - Mission Finder

  • Believers World Outreach - Oklahoma USA  - Mission Finder

Believers World Outreach

Mission trips to Belize, Miami, Dominican Republic, Uganda, & Costa Rica. There s a place for everyone to serve. Ministry options include: medical, orphanage, children’s outreaches, VBS, evangelism, cosmetology, sports, construction, and drama. BWO offers Christmas/spring break trips and customized group trips.

Our History

Since its founding in 2003, Believers World Outreach has grown in size, but most significantly, it has grown in its reach to further God’s kingdom. People in more than ten countries, have seen teams come in Jesus’ name to share the Gospel in many different and unique ways. As a result, countless lives have been transformed. In addition, thousands of short-term missionaries have participated in BWO mission trips. Some have been called to full-time mission work and currently reside in countries around the world. Many others have been forever changed as a result of obeying God’s call to go and are missionaries each day in their own communities.

Our Mission

Fueling people’s passion for Jesus and equipping them to make a lasting impact in the nations!

Our Values

We believe in God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit, in the three-in-one. We see God in His fullness.
We believe the Bible is the infallible Word of God.
We believe in the deity of Christ, that He was born of a virgin, gave His life unselfishly through death on a cross for our sins, in his resurrection, and in his glorious and powerful return.
We believe in Jesus Christ’s sinless life and miracles.
We believe in the Holy Spirit, who leads and equips us to fulfill the will of the Father.
We believe in Heaven and we believe there is a Hell.
We believe there is only one way to heaven, through Jesus Christ.
We believe that God is still in the miracle-performing business today, as he was in biblical times.
We believe “The Great Commission” is a call to all believers to share the Good News worldwide with every man.

Believers World Outreach - What We Do

Believers World Outreach is dedicated to facilitating mission trips for individuals, church groups and ministries that desire a deeper walk with Jesus.

BWO mission trips are designed to utilize your unique blend of gifts, talents, skills, personality, background, and life experiences on the mission field.

We have strategically designed our trips to incorporate many different areas of ministry to fully express who you have been born to be: a child of God, loving all kinds of people, from all kinds of places, who have all kinds of needs.

BWO is all about the needs that exist in the target country. We want to love people and help build a Christ-centered community everywhere we go. Working closely with the missionaries already in the country, we create a custom game plan for ministry in that specific location. Then, we connect the dots between the gifts and skills of willing people (like you) to meet those needs. We want to create an unforgettable experience for the people, the churches that work with us, the missionaries, and you.

Contact: Mark Tietsort
Organization: Believers World Outreach
Phone: 918-641-5100
P.O. Box 470431
Tulsa OK 74147

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