Belize Mission Project

The Belize Mission Project began 27 years ago when Dr. Frank and Bonnie Whipps discovered the great need for healthcare in Belize. They were moved to begin a project with medical and dental professionals, inspiring hundreds to share their talents and serve the needs of those in Belize. All are transformed.

Teams of dentists, medical doctors, hygienists, audiologists, lab technicians, and non-medical volunteers travel throughout the small nation. Clinical services include restorative dental care, cleanings, oral health instruction, partial dentures, medical exams, audiology evaluations, speech therapy, hearing aids, and fluoride treatments. As Christians, we strive to share the Good News of Jesus in each interaction through providing care, offering our service, and building relationships.

Our History

The Belize Mission Project began as “The Fishin’ Mission” by Dr. Frank and Bonnie Whipps. In 2017, the 26th annual trip brought teams of dentists, hygienists, medical doctors, audiologists, lab techs, and non-medical volunteers to the island of Ambergris Caye and to remote sites throughout Belize. Over 10,000 Belizeans received treatment.

Our Mission

Called to Move. Sent to Serve. Transformed by Love. The BMP strives to do medicine and dentistry in a Christian way providing care in a loving manner, to encourage those who have never been on a mission trip to get involved, and to allow participants the opportunity to have an introspective look into their own lives.

Our Values

We seek to provide care in a loving manner and to build relationships with the people with whom we interact. We minister to people through witnessing, visiting with people, prayer, music, devotions, and attending local church services. While people go on trips to help others, we foster the experience to recognize how participants receive more than they give. As Christians, we strive to share the Good News of Jesus in each interaction, with our patients and our participants, through providing care, offering our service, and building relationships.

What We Do

Dental Teams provide services at sites throughout Belize. Using a portable unit and chair, patients are seen that would not otherwise have access to care. Clinic experiences provide not just service to the patients, but a refreshed insight as to why we chose dentistry in the first place. The Dental Lab Team work in the San Pedro clinic location.

One of the best parts of our trip is seeing how people are able to feel about themselves once they start smiling with their new front teeth or dentures. The Medical Team practice in clinic sites throughout the country providing care through exams, wound treatment, diabetes screening, and overall health counseling to the grateful people of Belize. The Audiology Team screens for hearing loss, fits hearing aids, and offers speech therapy.

Lives are transformed when amplification and therapies are introduced. Visiting nearly 40 schools throughout Belize, our Fluoride team is often the first exposure to dental health professionals. We strive to make it positive and fun while teaching the importance of dental health, our crew of hygienists and dentists to non-medical volunteers demonstrate oral hygiene practices.

Over 9,000 fluoride treatments are given, but the songs, games, and lots of hugs are what create lasting memories. Team members address other needs while in Belize. One member, in affiliation with Dress a Girl International, has made and brought hundreds of dresses to distribute to girls in the poorest sections of the country. Others have given inflatable solar lights and goodie bags for kids.

A favorite for all participants is the Beans and Rice Project. Donations are collected and groceries are purchased from a local market. On our most recent trip, over 4,000 pounds of food were donated and distributed. Smiles are captured and hearts forever touched in our time shared with the local people. They have inspired us to continue to give and have become our “why.”

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