Christian Alliance Network for Outreach and Pastoral Impact (CANOPI) is a nonprofit organization pursuing Kingdom expansion in Latin America and beyond. Our mission is to unite Kingdom-minded pastors and leaders in preparation for hosting revival in the nations. We accomplish this primarily through two methods: training/equipping, which happens within the context of pastoral conferences, and outreach, which engages US believers in Latino ministry while expanding our pastoral network.

Our History

CANOPI was established in 2015 as CRSSM in southwestern Costa Rica. Our outreach efforts yielded unexpected opportunities to equip pastors. Up until this year (2022), CANOPI has operated exclusively in Costa Rica, cultivating a network of hundreds of pastors, establishing successful training conferences and hosting dozens of outreach missions teams.

Our Mission

To unite Kingdom-minded pastors and leaders in preparation for hosting revival in the nations.

Our Values

We understand that we can experience intimacy, communication, and companionship with God if we share His love for righteousness. We are totally dependent on Him for everything, and we need and expect miracles of all kinds to sustain us and to confirm the power of the Gospel in our ministry. We look for revival among the broken, humble, and lowly and begin with ministry to the poor.

God chooses the weak and despised things of the world to shame the proud, demonstrating His own strength and wisdom. We understand the value of suffering in the Christian life. Learning to love requires willingness to suffer for the sake of righteousness. Discipline and testing bring about our sanctification and produce in us the holiness without which we will not see God’s face and share His glory.

Like Paul, we rejoice in our weaknesses, for when we are weak, then we are strong. We are confident that the joy of the Lord is our strength and far outweighs our suffering! In Jesus it becomes our motivation, reward, and spiritual weapon. In His Presence is fullness of joy, and, like Paul, we testify that in all our troubles, our joy knows no bounds (2 Cor. 7:4).

What We Do

CANOPI is training up revivalists and Kingdom builders who pursue unity of churches, are harvest oriented and are walking in signs and wonders. Beginning with Guatemala in 2022, CANOPI is now expanding into all of Central America, as well as Mexico and Colombia. The ministry is also prayerfully anticipating launching a school of ministry as the Lord provides property for a campus. In our effort to train up and equip pastors, CANOPI is shifting from traditional conferences to smaller training venues, wherein training occurs while sharing a meal, worshiping and fellowshipping together. In this environment, we can more effectively impart a vision for church without walls and activate pastors to pursue Kingdom-building instead of church-building.

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