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  • Care Fresno - California  - Mission Finder

  • Care Fresno - California  - Mission Finder

  • Care Fresno - California  - Mission Finder

  • Care Fresno - California  - Mission Finder

  • Care Fresno - California  - Mission Finder

Care Fresno

Care Fresno trains people and churches to address poverty by investing in under-resourced communities and mentoring at-risk youth and families. Care Fresno currently works in 5 low-income communities in Fresno. Through our Urban Missions program, residents attend weekly classes, serve in their community, and grow in their faith in God. The program is free of charge and the rent is free for residents.

Our History

HISTORY In 1995, during Fresno’s high-crime era, Care Fresno was started by the Fresno Police Department, in collaboration with church and faith-based leaders. Its goals have always been to address crime and poverty at its root in Fresno’s most concentrated areas of poverty.

Over the years, through holistic ministry with faith leaders, we have been able to serve over 15,000 at-risk youth and their families living in over 60 high-crime apartment complexes. While our goal remains the same, Care Fresno has entered a new era with a focus on Local Missions.

Today, churches do not simply adopt a neighborhood, but we actually move Christian leaders into these communities and train them to serve their community with their whole lives.

Our Mission

The Care Fresno Process first involves meeting Care Fresno families and at-risk youth through neighborhood programs. Secondly, we connect youth to mentors through our mentoring program, Leader to Leader. Finally, we strive to help youth establish a lifestyle of serving and leading their communities and beyond.

Our Values

RELATIONSHIP-BASED MINISTRIES AND PROGRAMS The end goal of all of our programs is to develop long-term, life changing relationships between healthy, adult role-models and at-risk youth and families. We believe that no matter how well planned or well funded programs may be, it is only with consistent, long-term role models that youth and families escape poverty. ASSET-

BASED COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Within our churches, businesses and neighborhoods (including low-income areas), there exist within each person and entity the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to bring transformation to the lives of others. Our goal, regardless of external funding, is to help bridge these resources and assets together to develop healthy communities.

INDIGENOUS LEADERSHIP The development of leaders from within a community is paramount for community change. Whether students or adults, developing indigenous leaders is of utmost importance.

LOCAL MISSIONS & CHURCH PARTNERSHIPS In addition to indigenous leaders, we believe in mobilizing external leaders to move into urban neighborhoods, creating solidarity with the poor and ministering wholistically to their neighbors.

Care Fresno - What We Do

Care Fresno trains young adults/college-aged students to serve in low-income communities, puts on after school programs for youth, mentors youth one-on-one, takes youth to camp every summer, provides leadership programming for teens, teaches the youth the bible weekly, and takes youth on field trips throughout the year.

Contact: Eric McIntosh
Organization: Care Fresno
Phone: 559-473-4746
1940 N Fresno Street
Fresno CA 93703

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