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Children with Disabilities Fund International

Children With Disabilities Fund International is a non-profit Christian humanitarian, 501(c)(3) organization, committed to improving the lives of children with physical and intellectual disabilities in developing countries around the world.

In developing countries around the world, families of children with special needs often do not have the ability or resources to care for them at home. Many of these children are then placed in under-staffed, overcrowded and under-funded orphanages and other residential facilities. Children with Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy and other disabilities are often isolated in these environments, receiving only minimal care and attention. There is a great need for special education services, physical, occupational and speech therapy, and vocational training. Without addressing those needs, many children with special needs in these countries cannot thrive or reach their full potential.


Our History

In March, 2009 CDFI president, Bob Klima, first visited West Haven Children’s Home, located in a remote part of Jamaica. He was struck by the great needs of the children and the facility in which they lived. As a result of that initial visit, Bob invited special educators, therapists and other volunteers from Virginia to go to West Haven on subsequent visits to work with the children. Members of these teams envisioned establishing a charitable foundation in order to provide funds to help meet the enormous needs at West Haven.

Our Mission

CDFI Provides

Special education services through the CDFI School at West Haven
Adaptive wheelchairs , educational and recreational equipment, sensory toys, clothing and diapers
Building materials for ongoing facility improvements
Volunteer teams who provide special education, occupational therapy and caregiving assistance
Volunteer teams who assist with maintenance and building projects
Support and encouragement to facility administrators and staff
Direct financial support which contributes to utility expenses, building materials and clothing

Our Values

Children With Disabilities Fund International was established for the purpose of improving the lives of children with intellectual and physical disabilities in developing countries. Through partnership with existing local social services entities, facility administrators and other charitable organizations, CDFI helps to assess and meet the many needs and challenges facing these children. CDFI believes that every child is precious in the eyes of God and deserves the best possible opportunities in life.

CDFI also recognizes the need for expanding community awareness and inclusion in these countries in order to promote more supported home based services, employment opportunities and day treatment programs. With appropriate intervention and resources provided to families, many children with disabilities will then be able to live and function within the context of their own families and communities.

Contact: Paula Klima
Organization: Children with Disabilities Fund International
Phone: 571-330-8410
9300 Grant Ave Suite 101
Manassas VA 20110

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