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  • Co.tribute - California USA  - Mission Finder

  • Co.tribute - California USA  - Mission Finder

  • Co.tribute - California USA  - Mission Finder


Co.tribute exists to empower individuals and companies to make a tangible impact on the deep needs of this world.

At Co.tribute, our mission is to show people that the work they do is meaningful, while also serving those who are entrenched in struggle due to one of the following issues: orphans, trafficking, poverty, health, homelessness, oppression or basic essentials.

We do this by providing a platform that empowers businesses, employees and clients to be deeply engaged in making an impact on the social injustices of this generation.

Co.tribute campaigns are another great way to engage employees in philanthropy. They can be created for any non-profit you and your team is passionate about, and when you participate together, you foster a sense of camaraderie and purpose in the workplace. Team members can encourage one another by “liking” and commenting on donations, or sharing a campaign publicly. Photos and videos from charities partners are also included to give your team as much context as possible on each cause.


We believe that participation in philanthropy should be easy and fun for both you and your team. That’s why Co.tribute’s iOS and Android app make it extremely easy for your employees and clients to participate in philanthropic initiatives. They can volunteer, share stories, inspire each other, give together and build meaningful relationships around causes that extend beyond everyday work. Co.tribute integrates with Zapier and allows for a single-sign on setup, making it simple for Co.tribute to fit in with all of your favorite tools.


Running philanthropic programs is often time-consuming, and it can be hard to keep track of all the data. Co.tribute provides you with a detailed dashboard outlining all of the metrics that you need, including hours volunteered, dollars donated as a company, and matching totals. Co.tribute handles donation matching and receipting automatically, so there’s no need for you to track donations yourself manually.


Getting started with Co.tribute is extremely simple. We handle the onboarding process, and provide you with detailed monthly reports following your launch. Our goal is to make the process of giving back both engaging and simple for you and your team. The reports we provide work great for sharing during team meetings or sending out in a monthly newsletter.


It’s easy to add charities to Co.tribute. Any organization that you’ve partnered with can become a recipient for donations, allowing your entire team to connect with the charity on a deeper level. When adding charities, you have the option to make charities visible to all of your employees or make them specific to teams. This works great for companies with multiple regions, allowing local teams to add charities local to their specific communities.


Contact: Support Staff
Organization: Co.tribute
Phone: 8007908421
8141 E. Kaiser Blvd Suite #312
Anaheim CA 92808

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