COTEDIH – Cooperation of Evangelical Theologians for the Integral Development of Humans

We are an Evangelical and Humanitarian Organization created March 29, 1987. “COTEDIH” aims to promote the teaching of Scriptures and the social and economic improvement of the people of Haiti.

Our History

Jean Louighins is CEO of Cooperation of Evangelical Theologians for Integral Development of Humans (COTEDIH) recognized by Haitian government for many years.

Louighins holds a license in Theological Sciences from Evangelical Seminary of Theology of Port-au-Prince (STEP), a diploma of Accounting from Management Accounting Technical Center and Computer Science (COMATECH). He received a certificate from the United Nations Mission in Haiti (UNMIH) for monitoring of Training Courses and Response to disasters. He received also a certificated from Nehemiah Project as Biblical Entrepreneur and certified as teacher of biblical Entrepreneurship. His wife Quenia holds a license in accounting from the University of Haiti (UH)

After being graduated in Theological Sciences in 2007, Louighins was called by God to serve as Pastor. Currently Louighins and Quenia as directors of COTEDIH lead 50 evangelical pastors with churches, 20 schools, are serving 40 communities with 1120 children who are really in need in Haiti.

Our Mission

“COTEDIH” aims to work towards promoting the teaching of Scriptures (Bible), and the allocation of economic and social Haitian people by the Implantation and reconstruction of churches, schools, professional / vocational centers and hospitals.

The vision of this Christian couple is to share the Gospel or Christ’s Love everywhere by broadening their program across all 10 departments of Haiti, get sponsors for all destitute children, train leaders, provide health care throughout the country and develop Haitian communities in spiritual, educational, socio-economic and cultural views by planting evangelical churches, creating educational and vocational modern centers so that young people can learn something, have a job and work to build their future.

Their passion is to serve faithfully the Lord Jesus Christ awaiting His glorious return, take care of their family, serve children and young destitute, receive missionaries’ teams, tourists and visitors, work with other international evangelical churches and NGO’s to rebuild completely Haiti together with the Power of God.

Our Values

Dedication: All members are secured to each other and willing to serve the COTEDIH for development of Haitian communities Excellence: All members will decide to collaborate at the highest point in mutual respect Innovation: The retention of new members in their community Integrity: The honesty of any members in their business Impartiality: The action of the members with honesty, fairness, integrity, fairness and objectivity.

What We Do

We currently have a sponsorship program to provide Education, nutrition and health for orphans and destitute children in very poor area. We are looking for churches, partners and people who can bring their volunteer team to Haiti to join COTEDIH in the rewarding work of rebuilding 20 houses and several churches that were destroyed in the earthquake of 2010.

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