Cooperative Aid Inc

Cooperative Aid, Inc. believes in serving others. We offer opportunities for short-term dental and medical international mission trips. The continuous need for dental and medical supplies is in high demand for these underdeveloped third-world countries.

Our History

Our founder, Michele Wyatt worked in the short term mission field for 16 years leading over 30 mission teams. At the end of 2022 she was led to start Cooperative Aid to devote more time and attention to the needs of the people of Liberia after serving there on many missions.

Our Mission

Crossing borders to provide care and compassion for those in need.

Our Values

Our core values for all our teams is compassion, love, forgiveness and faith in God.

What We Do

Cooperative Aid is a short term medical/dental international mission organization. We send teams on 1-2 weeks trips to do free clinics sharing the love of Jesus to those we serve. We also do construction projects and humanitarian aid as projects arise.

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