Do Guatemala

Do Guatemala is a travel and volunteer organization based in Guatemala. We connect your mission with one or several local volunteer project that you want to support and visit. Besides that, we arrange all logistics, accommodation, activities and excursions that your mission group needs. We also offer Spanish lessons.

Our History

Do Guatemala is a Guatemalan-Dutch owned travel and volunteer organization, founded in 2012. Our objective is to facilitate volunteer experiences in Guatemala by organizing custom-made itineraries for travel, tours, Spanish classes and/or volunteering in Guatemala.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make your experience in Guatemala something to be proud of for the rest of your life, while we show you this beautiful country of Guatemala in all its glory and grandeur. You’ll be invited to come back and to talk to your friends and family to do the same, regardless if you come for volunteering, adventurous or relaxing tours, or language lessons.

Our Values

Being located in Guatemala, we are concerned with Guatemala´s development. We support the organizations and projects in our volunteer program with a donation, either financial or materialistic, to be fully involved with our partner organizations. For each volunteer we receive, we will hold apart a donation for our organizations.

What We Do

Do Guatemala offers the following services, which can be included in your personal itinerary in any combination: * Tours and travel throughout Guatemala and border areas of Honduras, Mexico and Belize. * Volunteering throughout Guatemala, in local projects and organizations. We offer volunteer opportunities in Quetzaltenango (Xela), Antigua and other locations, in jobs with children, education, elderly people, medical projects, environment (outdoors), construction and more! * Spanish language classes in Quetzaltenango (Xela) and Antigua, in different programs, such as a Spanish Immersion Course, DELE preparation courses and Mayan languages (K’iche). * Accommodation in Guatemala, in hotels, hostels, B&B, host families, lodges, and getaway destinations * Transportation throughout Guatemala and border areas, in public or private shuttle buses, or with a rental car

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