Dream Center International

DCI is a mission base in a Mennonite Community in Belize surrounded by Spanish Refugee villages and many poor homes. It is our goal to bring hope to these families. As we partner with people from across the world to impact Belize the missionaries working with us are changed too. We aim to all God to work a transformation in everyone involved at DCI. God’s work done in God’s way will never lack Gods supply.

Our History

Harvey Plett, Director of DCI has always had a heart for the poor surrounding his hometown. He has raised his children with the same values. They are now passionate about impacting Belize and the world through DCI. Jeanny his daughter is now Coordinator at DCI and brother Philip and Ronny come alongside her and visiting teams to maximize missionaries’ impacts. The Plett family is excited to walk in their calling of ministry to Belize and is very honored to have others join them.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring love, hope and relief to everyone touched by DCI, whether missionaries or Belizeans.

Our Values

The Mennonite family directing DCI are hardworking, honest people. They aim to constantly be finding new avenues of sharing God’s love, bringing His hope and relief to those in bondage whether spiritually or physically. While this is a tough feat we agree with Hudson Taylor who said, “God’s work done in Gods way will never lack God’s supply”

What We Do

With the partnership of teams we are honored to provide new coats of paint to poor families’ homes, village Fun Days for Refugee villages, spiritual aid and prayer to those in emotional need.

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