• Ethnos360 Aviation - Arizona  - Mission Finder

  • Ethnos360 Aviation - Arizona  - Mission Finder

  • Ethnos360 Aviation - Arizona  - Mission Finder

  • Ethnos360 Aviation - Arizona  - Mission Finder

  • Ethnos360 Aviation - Arizona  - Mission Finder

  • Ethnos360 Aviation - Arizona  - Mission Finder

Ethnos360 Aviation

Ethnos360 Aviation church planting missionaries serve people groups living in some of the most remote areas of the world and depend on the Ethnos360 Aviation airplanes and helicopters to be the supply line for virtually everything they need. Weigh these options: a rigorous two-day hike or an eight-minute flight from the nearest airstrip; which do you choose? When disaster strikes our aircraft are sometimes the only ones positioned to provide relief flights in impenetrable regions.

Our History

From humble beginnings in 1969 using a Piper Pacer on an airstrip carved out of a cornfield – to the current state-of-the-art Kodiaks and helicopters – God is using Ethnos360 Aviation to facilitate the work of church planting.

Our Mission

Ethnos360 Aviation’s core purpose is to assist the church planting ministries of Ethnos360 and likeminded ministries through the use of aviation to achieve the goal of “A Thriving Church for Every People.”

Our Values

Teamwork…reflects the Trinity and the Body of Christ through attitude, interdependence, healthy relationships and accountability. A Spirit-Controlled Life…committed to the authority of Scripture is honoring to God and produces the fruit of the Spirit, humility, a heart for discipleship, prayer, servant leadership and a Christ-centered life. Pursuing Excellence…reflects God’s character and His ongoing work in our lives (Col 2:23), and is to be evident in productivity, training, best practices and growth. Safety….reflects God’s value of and our stewardship of people, resources, sustainable ministry and Ethnos360 Aviation’s reputation. Integrity: Consistency between words and actions, values and behaviors, expectations and outcomes to include trustworthiness, transparency and vulnerability. Commitment: Dedication to the pressing importance of the mission and is shown by urgency, sacrifice and courage.

Ethnos360 Aviation - What We Do

Ethnos360 Aviation fulfills its mission by: -Sending well-trained, spiritually and technically qualified aviation professionals who are committed missionaries and who, for the vision and ministry of Ethnos360 worldwide, are willing to count the cost and go wherever Ethnos360 and its partners need our service. -Operating in an efficient, cost-effective way and collaborating with like-minded organizations as needed to help us achieve that goal. -Providing the right equipment, subsidy, personnel, and services as uniquely suited to Ethnos360 strategy in each ministry setting to best enable effective church planting and subsequent ministry by the national and the indigenous church. proactively adapting our services to the changing ministry climate in order to meet the evolving needs of Ethnos360 worldwide. -Actively communicating our vision and seeking financial partners who share the same burden for the lost and are eager to stand with us and enable us to achieve our mission. -Providing the best-suited aviation services to support Ethnos360’s church planting strategy in each distinct ministry setting.

Contact: Dwight Brown
Organization: Ethnos360 Aviation
Phone: 520-642-9280
3870 West Volunteer Street
McNeal AZ 85617

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