Ethnos360 exists to assist churches in sending missionaries to plant churches among unreached people groups who have no Bible in their language. Thorough training for missions is essential…and available through Ethnos360, as is on field support and consultation. Wondering if pioneer missions still exists? Visit our website and see if Ethnos360 might be a fit for you and your desire to serve our great God.

Our History

Started in 1942 as New Tribes Mission, we changed our name to Ethnos360 in 2017 to position our organization for the future. With about 3,000 missionaries working in more than two dozen countries, Ethnos360 is one of the largest faith mission organizations in the world.

Our Mission

Our vision is the same today as it was 75 years ago: A thriving church for every people. As we move forward, we’ll draw from those lessons God has taught us in our 75 years of ministry to pursue new opportunities opening to us. Opportunities to reach a changing world.

Our Values

We value: The Word of God as our final authority A Spirit-controlled life Dependence on God The role and responsibility of the local church in the Great Commission Readiness to sacrifice for Christ and His church Godly relationships and interdependence in ministry The potential of all believers to be used by God in the Great Commission Excellence and urgency in all we do to finish the task

What We Do

We minister among unreached people groups: In 2,500 of the world’s 6,500 people groups, there is no church, nor is there any work being done to establish a church. These are the people among whom Ethnos360 works.

We work in the culture and language of the people: These people groups’ cultures and languages have isolated them from the gospel. Missionaries must learn their language and understand their culture in order to clearly present the gospel and effectively plant a church.

We present foundational Bible teaching: Unreached people groups have no concept of the God of the Bible.

So Bible teaching begins at the same place God began with His chosen people: at the beginning. Chronological Bible teaching presents a foundation for understanding Jesus’ death and resurrection.

We establish mature churches: Following the pattern seen in Acts as God’s people carried out the Great Commission, missionaries seek to establish mature churches that can take their rightful place as agents of change in their own communities and partners in the Great Commission.

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