Faith Comes By Hearing

For more than 40 years, Faith Comes By Hearing has been committed to providing everyone with access to the pure Word of God in their own language – with a particular focus on those with the least access to God’s Word around the world. From cutting-edge online and mobile technologies to solar-powered Audio Bibles currently used in almost every country, FCBH continues to innovate and invite people to hear God’s Word for themselves.

Our History

Faith Comes By Hearing began in 1972 as an audio cassette ministry. Over four decades later, it has become a recognized world leader in Audio Bible recordings and engagement. The mission has stayed the same – getting God’s Word to everyone everywhere in their heart language.

Our Mission

The FCBH mission is to record and provide the Word of God in every translated language.

Our Values

We are committed to one purpose: God’s Word everywhere for everyone.

What We Do

FCBH’s spirit of innovation continues to provide effective ways of recording and distributing God’s Word with the world. The launch of the Digital Bible Platform in 2010 opened the door for personal engagement with Scripture through a plethora of digital outlets. In 2012, the release of new recording software, called Virtual Recording, provided a viable alternative to record Scripture via the Internet in places where sending in a recording team was not conducive. Today, the ministry remains on the cutting edge of developing software to record God’s Word in the heart languages of the world, and harnessing technology to freely share the Gospel with everyone everywhere.

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