Global Adventure

The mission of Global Adventure is to provide adventurous opportunities to learn together, serve communities, and to train the next generation. Does your men’s group have the desire, but not the details? Let Global Adventure do the work for you! We can facilitate and organize excursions of any desired duration or skill level to suit the needs and wants of your school, community, or church group. We aren’t constrained to one region or county—we’ll can come to you.

Father And Son Training consists of camp out weekends that will provide a place where fathers and sons can learn traditional life-skills together, and also be a place where they can begin to create memories and a lifestyle of healthy living. Skills as basic as chopping wood, starting a fire, being physically fit, and first aid aren’t relegated to just the scouts—they are essential skills that have counterparts in our daily lives. And these weekends will also provide intentional ways to learn character traits such as respect and chivalry around women, integrity, and honesty. “FAST” provides all of this in a fun atmosphere for boys, and will provide a foundation for fathers to build on over a lifetime.

While our primary focus is the father-son relationship, our offerings aren’t just limited to “Dads and Lads.” Most of our events are open to fathers and daughters, and we have plans to create a Father Daughter weekend with activities that will appeal to Dads and Daughters alike! Contact Us to register your interest and be updated when new events are posted.

Contact: Dave Hearn
Organization: Global Adventure
Phone: 01-773-306-276
10/7 Ludlow Hill Road
West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 6HF

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