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    Our volunteers are amazing! We would not be able to accomplish our work without the help of our volunteers. In 2015 2,000 volunteers donated 14,000 hours of service.

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    A new baby in Nicaragua gets weighed on a scale donated by Global Links

  • Global Links - Pennsylvania  - Mission Finder

    Robert received an amputation surgery thanks to the sutures provided by Global Links.

  • Global Links - Pennsylvania  - Mission Finder

    Dr. Luther checks the blood pressure of an older gentleman

  • Global Links - Pennsylvania  - Mission Finder

    Robin prepares IV poles to be shipped to one of our partner countries

Global Links

Since 1989, Global Links has collected and distributed over 175 million dollars worth of medical supplies to over 70 countries. Approximately every two weeks a 40-foot container gets shipped from their warehouse to another country. The cost of ordering those shipments depends on the circumstances and content. Global Links often uses volunteer couriers to distribute surgical sutures worldwide.

Our History

Global Links started in 1989 by 3 Pittsburgh women who saw hospitals discarding surplus medical supplies that could still be used to save lives. They formed Global Links to focus on recovery of surplus from hospitals and establishing long-term programs in targeted communities in this hemisphere in order to have a sustained impact on healthcare.

Our Mission

Global Links is a medical relief and development organization dedicated to supporting health improvement initiatives in resource-poor communities and promoting environmental stewardship in the US healthcare system.

Our Values

Global Links’ humanitarian and environmental mission begins with our three guiding principles: • Respect for All People • Respect for the Environment • Continuous Learning. We seek to apply these principles to everything we do.

Global Links - What We Do

Global Links partners with public health authorities to strengthen health systems for measurable impact in the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. Each year, Program Officers visit our partner countries to meet with health officials and community leaders to ensure that our projects are progressing and meeting public health goals. In the US, Global Links partners with healthcare facilities throughout the Mid-Atlantic region to provide a socially and environmentally responsible alternative to sending still-useful surplus materials to landfills. Volunteers of all ages and abilities work to sort supplies by size and type, and check expiration dates before packing them into boxes for delivery. Each health-improvement project we support requires a unique combination of materials to meet the framework requirements. The impact of each project is measured with the ultimate goal of helping to save and improve the lives of others.

Contact: Angela Garcia
Organization: Global Links
Phone: 412-361-3424
700 Trumbull Drive
Pittsburgh PA 15205

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