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  • Volunteer Victorious Children’s Ministries - Uganda  - Mission Finder

  • Volunteer Victorious Children’s Ministries - Uganda  - Mission Finder

  • Volunteer Victorious Children’s Ministries - Uganda  - Mission Finder

  • Volunteer Victorious Children’s Ministries - Uganda  - Mission Finder

Volunteer Victorious Children’s Ministries

Volunteer Victorious Children’s Ministries is a place where you can make a big difference in the lives of poor children in Uganda without it costing you too much money.  VVCM is a small non-profit organization that is based on the Waksio District and work to pursue community developmental and social causes by free internships and volunteer opportunities.

Our History

Robert Kiabira is the founder of VCMC which he opened in 2009. It was struggling as a child that inspired him to help children who don’t have hope in their life. Robert lost his father at the young age of 9 and was brought up by a single mother who struggled a great deal to provide for her family of five children.

He started hard laboring at 9, carrying water on his head from wells and walking long distances of 2 miles to sell it in his village. With God he overcame these struggles to become a success and his hearts desire is to help all the children in need to become a success in life. The absence of a parent or parents is a difficult path for any child, but with the help of a community their paths can be changed.  VCMU helps orphans and vulnerable children from families in Kawanda and surrounding areas. This is Robert’s life passion.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide orphaned and vulnerable children with a safe, loving, caring home and all children with an education that ensures they will be able to develop to their full potential and have hope for their future. We aim to cooperate and collaborate with local authorities and members of the community to accomplish this. We believe that by empowering the children through the teaching of Jesus, they will grow spiritually, physically, emotionally and intellectually to be healthy, happy, responsible, caring adults who will make a difference in their community.

Our Values

Here at VCM, we believe that children are the future! Every child deserves a caring safe home with regular meals, clean drinking water and the right to an education. VCM seeks to live out the love of Jesus through modeling and teaching Christian values of love, respect, trust, hope and caring for others.

Volunteer Victorious Children’s Ministries - What We Do

We work with families and individuals in the community together with sponsors, volunteers and supporters to provide a safe, happy, loving family environment, health care and an education to the children. VCMU houses 16 children at the ministry, supports another 32 vulnerable children in the community with food and school fees and provides an education to 110 children, ages 3-9 from poor families at our new C&K Child Development Centre.

We are growing in our sustainability through cultivating crops at our 3 acre garden and our piggery. Our crops provide healthy meals for the children, distribute food to poor families in the community and sell crops to provide funds for the ministry. We have recently planted 100 mango trees at our farm and our pig has given birth to 5 piglets.

We remain more committed than ever to our goals and know that through Jesus we are winners. Our work is vital not only the children, but our whole community and we look forward to ​​​​​continued progress.

Contact: Kirabira Robert
Organization: Volunteer Victorious Children’s Ministries
Phone: 256-782-156-803
P.O. Box 6008
12km Bombo Road Kampala

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