ForHearts Worldwide

ForHearts Worldwide is the non-profit organization which was started in 1984 by the Dr. Henry McIntosh. ForHearts Worlwide provides free heart care to indigent patients all around the world.

Each year in developing countries around the world an estimated 2-3 million people die because they cannot afford a pacemaker surgery. Our commitment is to raise funds and coordinate with medical teams around the world to help provide the surgery and medical care that will save their lives.

Our History

More than twenty-five years ago Federico Alfaro, MD, a Guatemalan physician, was treating a seventeen-year-old patient. The boy had a heart condition cardiologists refer to as “heart block”, an affliction in which the heartbeat continually slows until one day the heart just stops pumping. The boy’s condition was curable. The problem was he was poor. Dr. Alfaro tried desperately to find financial assistance to provide the boy with the pacemaker he needed. But in the end he had to watch the boy die. He swore another countryman would not die because they could not afford a pacemaker.

Our Mission

To save lives globally by providing cardiovascular implantable devices and treatment to the needy people of the world.

Our Values

To create a world class charitable foundation with successful global strategic partners.

Our Board’s vision is to expand ForHearts Worldwide’s mission to include robust programs in Education, Prevention and Treatment, as we strive to combat cardiovascular disease worldwide. We will accomplish this with the support of individuals, corporations, NGOs, civic organizations, institutions, industry, and healthcare professionals, through global strategic alliances to form a Global Cardiovascular Alliance. Our global movement to save lives has the momentum required to take our message around the world, to expand the reach of What We Do, and be recognized as one of the leading authorities for the principles, practices, and policies of cardiology.

This is our promise. This is why ForHearts Worldwide exists.

What We Do

Save lives by providing pacemakers, defibrillators, cardiac resynchronization devices and other cardiovascular therapeutic solutions.
Provide all professional and medical services by doctors and hospitals at NO CHARGE to the patient.
Provide continuing education programs to all healthcare professionals.
Develop and provide education and prevention programs through strategic alliances to the general population.
Provide services regardless of age, gender, religion, culture, or political persuasion.
Utilize a time tested and trusted method to fulfill our mission.

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