IMHE is a non-profit corporation that provides holistic education to local and international student communities from 8th grade through college.   In local community, we work with students from lower to middle income families that are college bound. We provide college advising and planning, and free SAT workshops for local highschool students.  We also work with international students from 8th grade to college level who plans to study at American schools.  We provide homestays and help to find schools that fits the need of international students. Lastly, we do short term overseas mission work to provide English education. We also teach English and conduct Vacation Bible School programs in Korea  

We are an Educational Organization that operates under Biblical principles; however we embrace all moral principles or values.   As the world becomes one global community,  our belief is that by providing educational opportunities to our children, we have embarked on the important mission of raising future highly successful leaders for our communities. 

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