Islands of Hope

Islands of Hope Dream Center is a Christ-centered non-profit organization established on Oahu in 2014. We offer sex-trafficked women a safe living environment with a caring and equipped staff, and a counseling program necessary to help these young women find healing.

We are networked with The Dream Center and other non-profits in Hawaii, offering the opportunity for restoration to rescued female traffic victims.

Our History

Vickie Lemasters, Founder and President of Islands of Hope Dream Center, has a passion for women trapped by human trafficking. As a young child, she was a victim of sexual abuse and identifies with the circumstances that lead many of these women to a life of shame and regret.

She is the mother of three adult daughters, has taken undergraduate classes for nursing, and has worked in education as a teacher’s aide, in medical as a nurse’s aide, in retail as a store manager, and now in non-profit management and social services as the founder and president of Islands of Hope Dream Center for 8 years.

She has trained with the LA and Phoenix Dream Centers and provides one-on-one care for survivors of human trafficking and coordinates services with other service providers to allow these women to heal, restore their lives, and find hope.

Our Mission

A Christ-centered non–profit organization to restore hope by providing a safe haven where women affected by sex trafficking can find support, community, and healing.

What We Do

Islands of Hope Dream Center aims to provide:

  • A home for ages 18+ sex-trafficked women
  • Maternity assistance
  • A safe environment where women can find housing, food, clothing
  • A safe space where women can volunteer to help the community through a wide variety of programs
  • Health and mental health therapy assessment
  • Education and life skills training
  • A place to teach life lessons of God’s love and sharing His grace
  • Recovery programs
  • Community and emotional support with sisters in Christ
  • Outreach programs for the community
  • Building relationships with the community
  • Meeting physical and spiritual needs by connecting them to God’s Family
  • Taking Islands of Hope Dream Center to all the Hawaiian Islands and beyond
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