Jesus and Me Children’s Ministries

Jesus and Me Children’s Ministries (JMCM Uganda) is bringing the fullness of life and hope to orphaned, neglected and vulnerable children in Kampala, Uganda through education, training and community development.

Our History

JMCM was founded by David Knowlton, who remains the full time director of the organisation. David has a passion to see the children in his environment thrive with the necessities of life – food, shelter, love and education. He believes God has called him to devote his life to ministering Jesus’ love to children. And he dreams of growing JMCM so that it can care for more kids and offer a wider range of services to them. Various volunteers have worked alongside David over the past years but he is hoping God will bring one or several companions who will commit to serving long-term in this ministry. He is also open and welcoming of people visiting Kampala who wish to volunteer for days, weeks or months.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the lives of disadvantaged children in Kampala by showing them real love according to Jesus’ teachings. We do this by providing the children with opportunities to learn, play and experience joy together and by meeting their physical needs with food, clothing, shelter and education, as far as our resources allow. JMCM aims to be a beckon of hope in a neighborhood of children afflicted by poverty and neglect. A community where children are God fearing, nurtured, educated and protected from all types of child neglect and abuse.

Our Values

We believe that all people are created equally before God regardless of gender, race, nationality, social, ethnic or religious background. The only way on God’s earth you will solve problems of reaching masses is by getting hold of the children as they are the future of any country. We believe that children are a heritage from the Lord and a blessing from His hand. We are therefore accountable to him for raising, shaping, nurturing and preparing them to be God fearing and to live a life of service to God, and the nation through their gifts and talents.

Jesus and Me Children’s Ministries - What We Do

Our vision is to transform the lives of the children we currently minister to, as well as many more children who we are yet to meet. Despite their backgrounds of poverty and neglect, JMCM will help direct each child’s future towards becoming educated, morally-upright participants in Ugandan society. We want to create ways of generating a sustainable income for JMCM so that we are not solely dependent on donations. We are doing this through our agriculture project and are open to investing in other initiatives when funds become available for this purpose. We endeavor to expand our capacity for helping children by moving to a larger section of land on the outskirts of Kampala. We hope to construct a home there to house more orphans and eventually build a medical clinic and school facility for children who cannot otherwise afford these services. All volunteers and sponsors with Jesus and Me Children’s Ministries are welcome for short and long term trips.

Contact: David Knowlton
Organization: Jesus and Me Children’s Ministries
Phone: +256 (0) 753 966937
PO Box 6592

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  • Help bring life and hope to neglected children in Uganda

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