Lahash International

Lahash partners with African churches to holistically care for vulnerable children. Across East Africa, voiceless and vulnerable people are struggling to find hope. Lahash is the Hebrew word for whispered prayer – a reminder that God is answering the prayers of many lonely and forgotten children through the compassionate care of our global community.

Our History

Growing up in East Africa opened Dan’s heart to its people and cultures, and his grassroots advocacy through Lahash has opened the hearts of countless others. Dan Holcomb founded Lahash International in 2005 after meeting Mama Susan Tabia and the kids at Amazing Grace Children’s Home in northern Uganda. Lahash’s focus has remained on establishing long-term partnerships in East Africa that are grounded in strong relationships. Lahash now has grassroots partners in Tanzania, Rwanda, and Kenya.

Our Mission

Lahash partners with African churches to holistically care for vulnerable children. Our vision is that all children in Africa know Jesus and thrive as they are loved by a flourishing global church.

Our Values

MUTUALITY We develop healthy, reciprocal relationships and partnerships where each person has the opportunity to humbly contribute to the other. WHOLENESS We love and care for the whole person, body, mind, and spirit so that those we serve can heal and grow in every aspect of life. DISCIPLESHIP We passionately follow, and invite others to follow, the Triune God who transforms us all as we experience divine love. STORYTELLING Through intentional and creative advocacy on behalf of the vulnerable, we uncover hidden treasures and inspire others to find their place in the story.

What We Do

Lahash International partners with local ministries across East Africa to bring good news and holistic care to children in need. Our core programs are: Sponsorship, Stand with Students, Rice & Beans Month, and the Servant Teams program. Find more information at

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