Lionsgate Travel

Lionsgate Travel was founded by a husband and wife who are passionate about helping churches to experience the Holy Land and various other Holy Sites, so that the parish can feel closer to each other, and most importantly, closer to God.

Our History

With multiple years of experience living in Israel, the knowledge and experience we can offer a congregation is second to none and can lead to a truly unforgivable experience for everyone.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide amazing trips for a highly affordable price so that congregations can walk where Jesus walked, see what him, the apostles, and countless other Christians saw and wrote about, and feel closer to God than ever before.

Our Values

We value the safety and well being of everyone who goes on our tours, and most of all, we value the chance to get to see the smile on their faces when they get to see the places they’ve heard so much about for the first time in their life.

What We Do

Currently we offer travel packages to various holy destinations at a very affordable price. However, we are also interested in helping missionaries get to and from their destinations safely so that they can help spread the word of God.

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