Maternity Home of the Hudson Valley

Maternity Home of the Hudson Valley provides a family style, Christ-centered setting where residents are offered life skills training, case management and emotional support while they plan their futures. Pregnant, at-risk women receive holistic, tangible support throughout their pregnancies and the baby’s first year. The entire program is donor funded and completely free for the residents.

Our History

Maternity Home of the Hudson Valley was opened by Beacon of Light Pregnancy Support Centers in 2020. They are a Christian ministry that advocates for unborn babies, in word and deed, by providing free medical services and resources that empower their parents to choose life, through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a Beacon of Light and a hand of hope by offering a safe, accepting home in a Christian, family style atmosphere to women faced with an unplanned pregnancy and little support or resources.

Our Values

Life-Affirming, Christ-Centered, Loving-Advocates, Family-Nurturing, Solution-Focused

What We Do

The Maternity Home of the Hudson Valley is a residential, Christ-centered home with the capacity to serve 5 mothers and their babies. Mothers can remain in the home for up to one year after the birth of their child. During their time at the home mothers are given the opportunity to prepare for their next step in life through the incorporation of biblical studies and variety of trainings and coaching. It is our heartfelt desire that every mother will be equipped with the skills and resources that will enable them to remain stable and self-sustaining once leaving the home.

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