Medical Ambassadors International (MAI)

Healing Lives… Transforming Communities At Medical Ambassadors International we build relationships with the world’s most vulnerable people and together we work to heal communities both physically and spiritually. .

Our History

In 1975, as South Vietnam was falling, a man name Dr. Raymond Benson was on the last airlift from the roof of the American Embassy.

Dr. Benson’s vision was for Christian medical professionals to establish clinics around the world. His hope was to heal people both physically and spiritually. Out of that desire, Medical Ambassadors was formed.


Our Mission

Medical Ambassadors International is equipping communities through Christ-centered health and development.

Our Values

Medical Ambassadors International envisions a world of thriving communities where people experience reconciliation of broken relationships, restoration of hope and health, and dignity through following Jesus.

What We Do

For 35 years, Medical Ambassadors International has been working to heal communities and transform lives. Jesus’ ministry on earth revealed that he cares for the WHOLE person. He was moved by people’s spiritual AND physical pain. At Medical Ambassadors International, we strive to follow the example Jesus set for holistic healing. We use a development process called Community Health Evangelism (CHE) that addresses the needs of the whole person – physical, spiritual, emotional, and social. By using CHE, Medical Ambassadors is equipping individuals to be independent workers and evangelists in their own communities. The CHE methodology is built on specific core values.

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