Medical Missions Kenya

Medical Missions Kenya and Hunger Relief (MMK) is a registered nonprofit organization that was born out of a need to drive practical changes in healthcare systems in remote areas. MMK seeks to combat hunger, improve access to healthcare services, and promote health awareness in underserved Kenyan communities.

Our History

Medical Missions Kenya was founded on the belief that people of all nations, regions, and classes, regardless of their social-economic status, should share knowledge of basic health facts and access to medical care. MMK targets remote rural villages to provide medical relief to locals, often poverty-stricken individuals who have been excluded from healthcare systems worldwide. MMK mobilizes
medical volunteer
doctors, pharmacists
nurses to provide

Our Mission


  • To provide hunger relief in slums located outside of Nairobi city and other communities in dire need for food.
  • To provide educational supplies like books and pencils to schools
  • To provide mosquito nets in malaria prone areas to contribute to the eradication of the disease.
  • To make health care services accessible in communities where health care delivery is non-existent.
  • To promote health education and disease prevention information
  • To conduct medical health screenings for hypertension and diabetes in rural communities
  • To provide rapid HIV testing in rural areas and referrals for initiation of antiretroviral therapy
  • To train youth to avoid risky behavior/AIDS awareness
  • To create awareness of peoples’ rights to their health information and medical decisions
  • To educate local community health workers and local doctors for a long term efficient and effective healthcare delivery system
  • To explore the obstacles of cultural structural barriers that prevent Kenyan rural communities

Our Values

Medical Missions Kenya has formed deep roots that spread to the most remote villages in the country, where access to information, healthcare and at times even food is severely limited. Due to partnerships with local organizations, we are able to reach out to extremely rural communities. We encounter infants with advanced manifestations of infectious disease that are ultimately treated successfully with antibiotics, significantly reducing infant mortality. We provide free health services and wellness exams to communities with no other access to healthcare.

Medical Missions Kenya - What We Do

Every year, Medical Missions Kenya mobilizes medical volunteers to lend their services during two-week medical missions to Kenya.  Doctors and nurses, from various parts of the United States and globally, volunteer their time and knowledge and provides basic health care services, such as diagnosis and treatment, establish partnerships with local health care providers, conduct community wellness training, and encourage healthy lifestyles and preventive health care.

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