MEDA International Mission

MEDA International Missions (MIM) is a subsidiary of Ministerios Evangelicos de Las Americas (MEDA), a Christian ministry that has served over 10,000 pastors and local church leaders from the USA, Central America, and Latin America in its 20-year history. MIM is a part of the larger working of Christ to bring His global church closer together as we all thrive in community and work to complete His great commission.

Our History

For over three decades, the Lord used Dr. Harold Warner to preach the Gospel in Honduras. Even though the health of his family prevented him from moving to his favorite place on earth, Dr. Warner made countless trips from his Florida home to hold evangelistic crusades throughout the country.

While pastoring in the U.S., Dr. Warner would make several trips a year, and after retiring, he came almost every month. His desire was to see the beautiful people of Honduras come to know the Lord.

In 1998, a friend granted Dr. Warner the funds to purchase and build on what is now MEDA property, for the sole purpose of training pastors and church leaders. The first set of buildings were completed in 2000, upon which the first conference was held at MEDA. At that time, MEDA began by holding conferences and inviting guest speakers to grant local churches the opportunity to hear sound doctrine, understand the Bible, and learn biblical theology. This continued for several years, with conferences sometimes scheduled every other week. The Lord used this season to grow and challenge the hearts of those attending, until in 2004, some of the pastors asked if MEDA would start a preaching school. They wanted to be able to preach accurately like the conference speakers they were hearing.

Shortly after MEDA’s staff and helped establish the Pastor’s Training Program. Two years later (2006), the pastors asked MEDA to then establish a seminary. Again, MEDA accepted the challenge, knowing that for the churches of Honduras and Central America to be strong, their pulpits needed to be strong first. Thus, SEPE was formed.

Since then, many groups, churches, and individuals have noted SEPE’s impact and donated time, materials, and funds to help make the facilities what they are today. Without the interest of churches and individuals in the U.S., MEDA/SEPE would not be able to carry out its goals and mission. Since SEPE’s founding, it has graduated 120 students to date, representing 9 countries from Central America, South America, and the Caribbean, with 58 students currently studying in 2023. The labor of countless groups is evident all over the property, and it is a joy to see the buildings used for the purpose of training the next generation of godly elders.

Our Mission

MIM provides churches and young adults collaborative opportunity to exalt Christ by channeling their God-given abilities to complete the Great Commission and establish spiritually thriving communities while enabling the training of Christ-centered preachers.

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