Mission Generation

Mission Generation has 20 years of experience bringing Jesus to the classrooms of public schools.

The battle ground of the culture war is K-12 schools! According to a report from the Barna Group – two out of three Christians make a commitment to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior before their 18th birthday. Human secularist know this well and have deprive young people of the opportunity to hearing the Gospel. Since the vast majority of school-aged children are unchurched, the only remaining solution to reach children through school.

5 billion people in the world live without a relationship with Jesus. 91 per cent of primary-school-age children go to school worldwide. Teaching children about Jesus keeps them in school, decreases child victimization, gang participation and teen pregnancies.

In Saimpaipata, Bolivia the suicide rates were the highest in the country. Suicides dropped to zero after public schools started using our text books during regular school hours.

A relationship with Jesus at an early age means a better life, education and eternity!

We work with the government officials along with education experts in each country to adapt our textbooks to their specific needs in pursuit of the best sustainable solution. We involve parents and teacher to increase local ownership and buy in. Our Chaplaincy program strategically follows up opportunities created through the textbooks. Regional partners coordinate teacher training, teacher/parent conferences, and supervision. School age children represent a very high percentage of the population which mean that when adding parents and teacher our program impacts entire communities with the Good News of Jesus

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