Moody Bible Institute Aviation

With Moody Aviation, you can train to be a missionary pilot mechanic or maintenance specialist and develop technical and spiritual skills to equip you for the rigors of mission work. Experience comprehensive training that will prepare you to meet the challenges presented by missions flying and maintenance in diverse environments.

When you major in Missionary Aviation Technology, you decide a speciality focus—Flight or Maintenance—and train using a wide variety of mission-specific equipment, including tailwheel and high performance aircraft.

The Flight major coursework trains you to qualify for FAA Private, Instrument and Commercial certifications. Experience with high performance aircraft exposes you to the challenges associated with mission-field flying and seeks to develop the judgment, skill and overall airmanship required to fly successfully in a wide variety of contexts.

Program distinctions include an unparalleled cross-country flight project, as well as training in a wide variety of aircraft used currently on the mission field.

The Maintenance Specialist major builds on the foundation of Moody’s comprehensive AMT training. It includes engine overhaul, airframe rebuild, turbine engine maintenance and repair, avionics systems and installation and much more. Graduates also gain excellent inspection and troubleshooting skills to ensure the mission fleet they manage remains safe and airworthy.

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