Nehemiah’s Best Coffee

Nehemiah Training Center, Ltd. is now open and providing business education skills to 32 new students in the Training Center and 15 student interns in the Training Classroom we call Nehemiah’s Best Coffee.The Coffee Shop was developed to provide a sustainable and reproducible business Model allowing the Center to sustain itself.

Our History

As a Saddleback Church PEACE Team Leader, we and have been working in Rwanda since 2008 with orphans and street children effected by the Genocide. As we partnered with the Anglican Church that had started this ministry to street and underserved Young Adults; the Nehemiah Training Center developed.The target age group for this ministry is 15 to 25 year old Young Adults. The Art and Sewing programs began in 2007 to offer basic trade skills to help them out of POVERTY. The Training Center has allowed these vulnerable Young Adults of Rwanda to learn how to sew, make banana bark art products and more …

Our Mission

OUR MISSION is to provide an opportunity to Young Adults, 15 to 25 years old, that have missed out on an education due to Poverty. Through business skill development we prepare them for the growing global economy. .

Nehemiah’s Best Coffee - What We Do

Saddleback PEACE Plan teams work with local church leadership in Rwanda to establish community relationships. Saddleback PEACE Facilitators are empowering Nehemiah Staff to nurture healing, problem solving, active participation and a safe environment that will give these Young Adults a second chance at a quality education. These skills will help to Eliminate Poverty. Our students have increased self-esteem, deeper Christian values, increased performance with a drive to succeed and enhanced community spirit that is the heart of Nehemiah Training Center student beneficiaries.

Contact: Dowie Crittenden
Organization: Nehemiah’s Best Coffee
Phone: (714) 328- 4106
11832 Euclid Street
Garden Grove , CA 92840

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