New GateWay Ministries

As a Christ-centered 501(c)(3) organization, New GateWay Ministries’ mission is to provide an approach and solutions that alleviate poverty and prevent homelessness among those living under the poverty line.”

New GateWay’s vision is to accomplish its mission by providing career readiness, career training, housing stabilization assistance, job interviews, job fairs, a functioning internet café and a food pantry, all leading to self-sufficient productive members of society.

Our History

Our organization was born out of the recession of 2009 when many lost their jobs and churches saw a significant decrease in tithing and volunteers for the various outreaches to the community.  Many of the unemployed without a support system were absorbed with trying to make a living and many lost hope. New GateWay was commissioned to work within the Body of Christ to help
those who were struggling the most to be stabilized enough to be able to return to serving God in the ministry they were called to.

We began by helping people to find jobs, start businesses and prevent homelessness. For the first 7 years of our organization’s history, we were very successful in doing just that. However, when the pandemic of 2020 hit, everything in the world changed and so did our organization. We began to do business as New GateWay Ministries.

New GateWay still works among the Body of Christ with a focus on strengthening Christian small businesses as well as helping those in the Christian community that may need help. We are especially concerned for those who are on a fixed income, senior citizens and those who may be ill. We want to ensure that if another pandemic were to take place, no one will ever be isolated
again. We also provide food for those whose budgets do not quite meet their food needs.

We are passionate about supporting the great commission. We can best support those that share the gospel by increasing their financial stability and reminding them of the value of tithing and giving as part of their worship. Ultimately, our goal is to demonstrate Jesus’ love in action during a time when a crisis may render most people powerless.

Our Mission

As a Christ-centered 501(c)(3) organization, New GateWay’s mission is to empower individuals and businesses within the Body of Christ to adequately provide for their families, to pursue entrepreneurial goals and to thrive spiritually.

New GateWay’s vision is a world in which every able-bodied person in the Body of Christ is given the opportunity to be employed, provide for their family needs, support the work of their church and fulfill the mission to which God has called them.

What We Do

There are six major areas covered by our ministry:

  1. Agape Helpers – Connecting Christian Households with Christian Businesses in order to
    give such households a ‘shared values’ option for businesses they hire.
  2. Help needy believers in various ways, such as:
    a. Helping them to pay for essential services they may not be able to afford due to a
    fixed income;
    b. Having pastors visit those that are sick;
    c. Connecting those disconnected from church to a church in their neighborhood for
    on-going support.
  3. Spiritual Encouragement and Prayer for our business owners and for those in the Christian community that we connect with through Agape Helpers.
  4. Food distribution for the food insufficient.
  5. Help believers to start businesses.
  6. Organize business networking events for the businesses we serve.

More information about our Ministry and our services can be found at and

We are currently seeking volunteer Regional Coordinators for the various regions of San Diego
County (North County, East County, South County, and Central San Diego).

Christian owned businesses are vetted for authenticity before being welcomed into our network.
Potential business owners can apply here to be included in our business network.

Those who may be willing to hire Christian owned business can peruse our list of business
categories and request assistance here.

May God continue to accomplish His purposes through His children!

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