• New Vision Urban Missions - California  - Mission Finder

  • New Vision Urban Missions - California  - Mission Finder

  • New Vision Urban Missions - California  - Mission Finder

  • New Vision Urban Missions - California  - Mission Finder

  • New Vision Urban Missions - California  - Mission Finder

New Vision Urban Missions

New Vision Urban Missions offers year-round short-term urban mission trips.  They host groups of 15 to 100 from all over the U.S. Mission teams expand the ministry and partnerships of New Vision Christian Fellowship.  This multi-ethnic outreach oriented urban church is located in San Diego, CA.

Through New Vision Urban Missions, New Vision Christian Fellowship partners with churches from all over the country to expand outreach to the homeless, impoverished, and disenfranchised of urban San Diego. New Vision Christian Fellowship is in public schools to redeem the future of high-risk teens, networks dozens of local churches to build supportive relationships with over 70 public schools, has outreach at downtown hotels, and is on the street to serve the homeless community.

New Vision distributes enough food to feed more than 70,000 people a month through twice-a-week food distributions and community meals. New Vision Urban Missions is a ministry of New Vision Christian Fellowship. Mission teams play a critical role in our outreach to the homeless, impoverished, marginalized, and disenfranchised urban community of San Diego.

We host groups from all across the United States for urban mission trips here in San Diego. We have recently worked with mission teams from New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Washington, Idaho, and all over California. We’ve worked with groups from as far away as New York, Ohio, and Hawaii. We love the collaboration Our team has the time and experience to provide a powerful urban ministry experience.

Led by “Pastor Pete” Contreras, New Vision partners with other churches, schools, businesses, and organizations to expand their outreach by offering urban mission trips. Pastor Pete is a 20 year urban ministry veteran who is well known on the streets, in the schools, and all over the city.

New Vision’s merge in 2011 with a long-established University Heights church, resulted in amazing resources that expand our outreach in every direction. “Mission team host” is not just tagged on to someone’s job description, nor is it left to an inexperienced ministry intern. The program is lead by a dedicated staff pastor who brings outside groups in to serve alongside our ministries year-round.

Mike Haskins and his family were called to move back to San Diego to take over and expand the urban missions ministry. Mike has spent most of his career as a professional youth worker with a recent foray into the world of technology as a corporate trainer for Apple Care advisors. Mike and his family love their life on-site at New Vision, grateful for the “daily bread” God provides to sustain them here.

Our History

New Vision is a multi-ethnic, cross-socioeconomic congregation committed to the low-income, inner-city communities of San Diego. Pete Contreras, the founder and lead pastor of New Vision, is a long-time resident of City Heights and has served in the urban communities of San Diego for 30 years. Urban Missions is just one of many ministries that bring a message of hope and tangible concern for the needs of our community.

Our Mission

New Vision Urban Missions is a church-based missions program that brings outside resources into San Diego to expand and amplify ministries and partnerships of New Vision and accomplish Kingdom work.

Our Values

Urban Missions values collaboration, leverage of Kingdom resources to accomplish Kingdom work, respect for the image of God present in all people, credible-service based outreach, and the call of every follower of Jesus to intentionally invest in the spiritual development of others.

New Vision Urban Missions - What We Do

Urban Missions functions as a bridge between the suburbs and the city for resource, exposure, effort, and ministry. We host over 2000 participants a year to serve alongside our ministries and to contribute to the success of both ministry and community partners. Groups from churches, youth programs, universities, private schools, businesses, and other organizations get the opportunity to come with New Vision into neighborhoods, low-income hotels, and on the streets of downtown.

We host groups from all over the United States, among with regional, and local teams. Through a variety of activities, we offer opportunities for ground-level understanding of our city’s most pressing social issues including affordable housing, homelessness, food insecurity, immigration, refugees, urbanization, re-gentrification, and diversity.

Groups can work with us for a few hours, a day, a weekend, or multi-day trips. Much of our ministry and outreach is reinforced with experiential learning, simulation, and initiative activities that prime groups to be effective and empathetic as they serve and reach out. Debriefs and reflection follow many of our activities. Because relationships are so central to the way we reach our community, we take time to learn the names of our participants and develop a strong rapport. Urban Missions staff live, work, and serve in the communities where we do ministry.

Contact: Mike Haskins
Organization: New Vision Urban Missions
Phone: 619-997-9249
4353 Park Boulevard
San Diego CA 92103

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