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One Million Thumbprints

One Million Thumbprints is a grassroots organization catalyzing a groundswell of people focused on overcoming the effects of war against women in conflict zones.

Women and children account for the majority of those adversely affected by armed conflict. They suffer disproportionately during and after war, as so often existing inequalities are magnified, and social networks continue to break down, making them more vulnerable to sexual violence, exploitation, and poverty.

Violence against women in conflict is severely underreported. In cases of sexual violence, survivors face severe medical complications and psychological trauma. They often cease contributing to the economy within their area and are crippled by shame and stigmatization from their community.

One Million Thumbprints envisions a world where women are free from the fear of violence, oppression, and poverty caused by war. One Million Thumbprints’ strategy is four-fold:

1 – Catalyze voice with women and girls affected by violence in conflict zones;

2 – Fund programs ensuring the survival of women and girls in conflict zones, including safe spaces, trauma support, health services, education and economic opportunity;

3 – Increase resilience in women and girls affected by, or vulnerable to, violence associated with war and conflict through capacity-building and training, and;

4 – Advocate for policy that protects women and girls in conflict zones.

Our History

Our story begins with Esperance but belongs to women everywhere. In 2012, Belinda Bauman and a group of women met Esperance while visiting the Democratic of Congo. Esperance watched her husband die at the hand of rebels. She was violently raped and would have died if her sisters hadn’t rescued her. Across a blank sheet of paper, Esperance, who can’t read or write, had someone write the words: “Tell the world.” Then she stamped her thumbprint underneath.

Esperance’s thumbprint became Belinda’s mandate: violence against women in war is violence against me. One Million Thumbprints invites all of us to join Esperance by helping her, and thousands like her, to stem the tide of violence in tangible ways. One thumbprint becomes a hundred, a thousand, even a million strong.

Our Mission

Our implementing partners help ensure survival for women experiencing violence in war zones through emergency relief in the form of immediate food, clothing, and shelter. Because sexual violence is often leveraged against women during war, emergency relief also includes rape or sexual violence treatment, trauma assistance and medical support. Protecting women and ensuring the care of survivors is essential.

Efforts on behalf of the international community to end violence against women are integral to peace, but local-led conflict resolution can prevent war before it breaks out. If women are not included in this peace building process, gender-based violations in times of conflict will not be given proper attention and consideration. One Million Thumbprints believes it is imperative women have a voice in the peace of their communities.

Our implementing partners work for a culture of peace within communities affected by conflict through mediating structures like churches, schools and businesses. They actively train women leaders within their communities in conflict resolution skills, trauma care, mediation techniques as a means of stabilizing their community and preventing future violence against the vulnerable.

Sustainable, long-term solutions for peace in war-torn regions must include economic and educational development opportunities that empower women. Programs often look different in different conflict zones, even in the same geographic region. They include community micro-savings, microfinance, farming co-ops, agribusiness, as well as refugee care and education leading to resettlement.

One Million Thumbprints - What We Do

When you give your thumbprint you join Esperance in fighting one of the most difficult problems we face in the world today— violence against women caught in conflict. One Million Thumbprints began with one thumbprint, and will end with millions. Bur your thumbprint is not just a message of solidarity. Each time we reach a milestone of thumbprints collected—1,000, 5,000, 10,000 and more— your mark will advocate for tangible change by the international community.

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Organization: One Million Thumbprints
PO Box 230132
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