• Operation Mobilization - Georgia  - Mission Finder

  • Operation Mobilization - Georgia  - Mission Finder

  • Operation Mobilization - Georgia  - Mission Finder

  • Operation Mobilization - Georgia  - Mission Finder

  • Operation Mobilization - Georgia  - Mission Finder

  • Operation Mobilization - Georgia  - Mission Finder

Operation Mobilization

Operation Mobilization (OM), USA is a global organization working with 6,800 missionaries in 118 nations to build communities of Christ followers, provide humanitarian assistance and demonstrate compassion. Though the Gospel has been with us for nearly 2,000 years, 2.8 billion people have never experienced its message of love and hope. In many cases, these same people are being crushed by unspeakable poverty, horrific injustice and cruel social and political systems. With nearly six decades making inroads into the farthest corners of the world combined with a pioneering 21st century approach, OM is uniquely equipped to address these issues.

Whether it’s rescuing enslaved women in Asia, assisting refugees in Europe, or developing bodies of believers in the the Middle East, we pinpoint ways to strengthen local communities and use the opportunities God presents us along the way to share The Bible’s life-giving message. When you partner with OM USA, through your professional work, financial generosity, and/or prayer, you become an important member of a worldwide movement with eternal significance. With operations in nearly every region of the world, the sun never sets on our operations, meaning you will be part of a team serving the needy and spreading the Word of God every minute of every day. Few other organizations allow you to see your time and talent reach so far or impact so many.

Our History

George Verwer, OM’s founder and leader until 2003, received a Gospel of John from a local woman while still in high school in the 1950’s. In 1955, Verwer became a Christian at a Billy Graham meeting at Madison Square Garden, and made a commitment to global missions and spreading God’s Word on a massive scale. He founded Operation Mobilization in 1957 after a trip to Mexico to distribute Christian literature.

Our Mission

The mission of Operation Mobilization is to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached.

Our Values

Core values of OM are knowing and glorifying God, living in submission to God’s Word, being people of grace & integrity, serving sacrificially, loving & valuing people, evangelizing the world, reflecting the diversity of the body of Christ, global intercession, and esteeming the church

Operation Mobilization - What We Do

There’s nothing cookie-cutter about the work we do and there’s nothing cookie-cutter about us. If God created us to design, then we design. If we’re wired to organize, then we organize. If we’ve been made to build, then we build. We’re extroverts and introverts. Single and married. Left-brained and right-brained. And though we bring a multitude of gifts to the work we do, the one thing that unites us is our shared conviction that the Gospel changes everything.

Our work focuses on six spheres that we believe generate vibrant community: Arts & Entertainment, Business, Church, Education, Media, and Social. As we engage in each of these spheres, we identify specific ways we can build up local communities. So whether we’re working as editors or artists, caterers or coaches, mechanics or musicians, we’re building up the communities where we live and serving our new friends in ways that lead to lasting transformation.

We Equip, Train & Develop the People We Send Out Throughout the World. We Need Teachers, Coaches, Writers, Dancers, Nurses, Mechanics, Chefs and Engineers. Volunteer opportunities, internships and paid positions available.

Today, over 6,800 workers, representing 100 nationalities, serve in the OM family of ministries, bringing God’s unchanging truth to literally millions every year. We aim to send Market Place Workers into 118 different countries in dire need of the love of Christ.

Contact: Allie Mieling
Organization: Operation Mobilization
Phone: 678-674-1475
PO Box 444
Tyrone GA 30290

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