Partners in Action

Partners in Action enables social transformation through its ability to develop, fund and implement sustainable business activities. PIA identifies communities in need, defines business ventures that can enhance and grow a community, and provides the right combination of entrepreneurial skills and venture-funding to implement new businesses. Partners in Action continues to be a faith-based and purpose-driven organization whose goal is to spread God’s message throughout the communities we serve.

For over 30 years Partners in Action has worked in the developing world to improve the lives of children and families. Our paradigm has shifted from providing financial support to PhilanthopreneurshipTM – investing in people and projects to build a local economy that promotes social and economic well-being for the community it serves.

At Partners in Action our Mission is to bring together people from all walks of life to build transformational and sustainable communities around the world. We accomplish this Mission through more than 30 Projects and Ministries globally. The ventures we work with are carefully evaluated to meet our goals of sustainable social and economic change.

Our Mission

Partners In Action creates social impact by empowering sustainable humanitarian projects that focus on improving the lives of individuals in underserved communities around the world.

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