QuadW Missional Skunkworks Tarime

Our History

QuadW Missional Skunkworks Tarime was started in February of 2021 to reach the Kuria people group of Northern Tanzania. Our vision is to make disciples who make disciples among the Kuria people of Northern Tanzania, to show them that Christ can free them from domestic violence, alcoholism, witchcraft, and FGM.

Eric Soard and Davis Rhodes are long-term missionaries of the United Methodist Church and they had this vision for many years. However, it wasn’t until they connected with the QuadW Foundation that QuadW Missional Skunkworks Tarime was born.

The QuadW Foundation was created to honor Willie Tichenor, and his desire to make positive changes in the world around him. Willie Tichenor passed away from osteosarcoma on March 15, 2006 at age 19. He was insightful, outrageous and full of good ideas and big plans – and he had the remarkable ability to inspire those around him to be better.

Willie’s life was transformed by serving others and the QuadW Foundation is dedicated to supporting transformative mission experiences for young adults.

In 2021, funding from the QuadW Foundation enabled Eric Soard and Davis Rhodes to add 5 young adults to their mission team and to rent a community house where all members of the mission team live together in intentional Christian community. Since this launch in February of 2021, we have seen 97 Kuria people come to faith in Jesus Christ, 18 house churches come to life, and we have been able to protect 95 young women from the FGM rituals.

Our Mission

QuadW Missional Skunkworks Tarime makes whole person disciples who live in the way of Jesus and who go on to make disciples. We make disciples among the Kuria people group in the Tarime area of Northern Tanzania.

Our Values

We do our best to live at a similar level to those we are ministering to, develop close friendships with them, and love them holistically, doing our best to help them to have happier lives.

Prayer and Reliance on the Holy Spirit
We can accomplish nothing, but there is nothing God can’t do through us when we allow ourselves to be led by God and fully cooperate with the work of the Holy Spirit. We understand Scripture as the story of God’s mission and we understand that authentic faith is choosing to take our place in the story of God’s mission.

Entrepreneurial Skills
Lean start up methods help new mission ventures accomplish huge goals with limited resources.

Winsome, Humble, Effective Ways to Share our Faith
We learn from the best examples of Christian history and current disciple-making movements around the world as we discern together how best to participate in God’s work of making disciples.

What We Do

QuadW Missional Skunkworks Tarime is a mission team who makes disciples among the Kuria people group of Northern Tanzania. We guide all new disciples through a whole person transformation, teaching them to let go of all past behaviors and take on Christ’s behaviors. We train all new disciples to make more disciples. Recognizing a body of believers as essential to discipleship, we teach all new disciples to form themselves into house churches.

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