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  • RAHAB Ministries - Ohio  - Mission Finder

RAHAB Ministries

RAHAB brings physical and spiritual freedom by living Love and speaking the Truth of their value to sex trafficking survivors and those at high risk through safe houses, outreach, drop-in centers and mentoring. Founded more than 17 years ago, before human trafficking became a commonly recognized term, RAHAB’s current CEO resigned as an FBI Special Agent to be obedient to the call to RAHAB.

Our History

RAHAB began addressing human trafficking before human trafficking became a recognized term.

An acronym for Reaching Above Hopelessness and Brokenness, Inc., RAHAB was founded by Rebecca Moreland in 2002. After finding hope and healing in her own life, Becky put her faith into action by reaching into seemingly hopeless situations and connecting with prostituted women on the streets of Akron, Ohio.

In May 2018, Suzanne Lewis-Johnson resigned from the FBI to become RAHAB’s new CEO. Although becoming an FBI Agent had been a dream come true, Suzanne took the unusual step of resigning from the FBI, because she believed RAHAB holds the keys to ending the slavery of human trafficking.
As we look to the future, we’re focused on strengthening local efforts and documenting best practices, what we know works and what doesn’t, to create patterns other communities can replicate.

Over the years, under Becky’s leadership, RAHAB informally mentored groups in other parts of the country and even overseas, who wanted to do similar work. With your help, we’ll invite interested groups to formally partner as RAHAB affiliates.

Our Values

Reaching Above Hopelessness and Brokenness Inc., (RAHAB) is unapologetically Christian. We strive to go the places Jesus went and to let His love live through us.

We believe we’re called to collaborate with all sectors of society and with others of different beliefs. We’re blessed to have supporters and advocates with different religious backgrounds who share our belief in the restoration of lives and in empowering those we serve to be all they were meant to be.

We don’t require those we serve to share our beliefs or to worship in a particular way. We weren’t required to do anything before Love and Truth took on flesh and gave Himself to set us free.

Our work is based on a desire to model God’s story of setting people free physically and spiritually. From Genesis to Revelation, from the Red Sea to Calvary, we believe God is in the business of setting people free.

Contact: Suzanne Lewis-Johnson
Organization: RAHAB Ministries
Phone: 330-819-3326
PO Box 13866
Akron OH 44334

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