Refreshment UK

We are a UK based charity passionate about encouraging and equipping Christians from all denominations to be able to grow and go as disciples and missionaries.

Our Mission

The Refreshers Course is a twelve-month mission training course based at the Refresh Centre in Blackpool. It is an intensive course designed to encourage and equip pioneer missionaries for a Western context.

The course is delivered with students living in community in Blackpool and will help develop the skills required to become a missionary. Being based at the Refresh Centre in Blackpool, you will live with a maximum of 18 other people and aim to live like the first century church.

What We Do

The course is aimed at Christians who have a desire to become a pioneer missionary. We define this as being someone with a heart to bring transformation to their community through discipleship and will go above and beyond to make that happen.

This includes working alongside other churches as well as setting up new projects. There is both a practical and academic element to this course, and we would expect students to be fluent in reading, writing and speaking English.

If you can answer yes to all these questions, then Refreshers course is for you:

Do you desire to see your community transformed through the message and power of the gospel, no matter what it takes?

Do you desire to follow Jesus and get to know him more intimately through a life of spiritual discipline, along with a pursuit of holiness?

Do you desire to step out in faith and persevere in your calling to see His kingdom come on earth, even when you have to take up your cross?

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