Restore Hope Ministries

Our mission is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, calling the lost into a life-changing relationship with Christ—and encouraging Christians to boldly live out their faith. We hold events that include worship, praying and dynamic preaching.

Our History

We have been doing ministry in Haiti for over 13 years now. Starting out with youth ministry, we have seen hundreds come to know Christ and be baptized. We raised up twelve young leaders who eventually took over the ministry and led the community events. Our family then moved on to church planting through Harvest Bible Chapel and planted the second one in a small remote mountain village called Maplat. It was an amazing launch with over 500 people attending. We saw so much joy and excitement as we learned the locals had been praying for 20 years for such a moment. Church leaders then took over as we handed off the reigns and allowed them to grow. In Canada, we began another Haitian church launch through the Canadian National Baptist Convention but after a year like many others new churches, found ourselves being affected by the pandemic and not able to continue. Despite what felt like a set back, God began to call us back to Haiti with a new vision of restoration as we have been watching the chaos and destruction happening there.

Our Mission

Restore Hope Ministries exists to advance the kingdom of God through evangelism in Haiti. Our heart is to see the people and nation of Haiti truly understand who they are and bring restoration to their hearts, lives and country as a whole and rise from the ashes to fly on the wings of eagles.

Our Values

Pastor Nego Pierre Louis director of Restore Hope Ministries is preaching the gospel of the Kingdom, Proclaiming the message that the Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, as the substitutionary atonement in our place, and that salvation is found in none other than Jesus Christ.

What We Do

We truly love the country of Haiti. Nego being Haitian, his heart beats for his people. He knows through and through the generational cycle of poverty, oppression, violence, chaos and injustice that reigns in this country. God has put a consuming fire within both our hearts to see Haiti rise up and come out of this depression. We want to see the minds of the people set free and take the blinders off so they can realize how strong and capable they are to teach, rule and change the lives of their people for the better. We believe God is only looking for willing hearts to take steps or leaps rather to preach His word and use it to set the captives free. That is why we do what we do. God wants his light to shine so bright in this land and wants to see these people know Him and accomplish His will in Haiti. This country has been used and abused for far too long, it’s time to rise up and finally let these people truly live.

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