RP Global Missions Short Term

RP Missions provides opportunities for God’s people to serve Christ through short-term efforts partnering with established congregations and missions.  RP Missions helps Christians grow in their appreciation for Christ’s Church and in their service to our Savior, all while actively engaging in evangelism to the lost, discipleship of the saved, and encouragement to Christian laborers at home and abroad. Trips are anywhere from two weeks to three years in length.

Our History

RP Missions began sending teams in 1997. The agency arose in response to some concerning trends in short-term missions that resulted in shorter duration trips (over 80% of all mission trips today are now less than 5 days in length), and a tendency for short-term trips to be more about exporting culture than at seeing all cultures brought into alignment with God’s Word, beginning with one’s own. So we partner with host congregations to serve the saints in reaching further into their communities and in ministering to the needs that the local saints are most capable of identifying and addressing.

In 2023, RP Missions announced its transition to becoming a branch of RP Global Missions. It continues to partner with host congregations and long-term missionaries with the goal of raising up more long-term missionaries and those who support missions at home.

Our Mission

RP Global Missions Short Term exists to glorify Christ through the Great Commission work He has set before us. Our focus on three areas: Service – cultivating a humble servant’s heart for a lifetime of activity within His Church; Proclamation – overcoming our fears of speaking about Jesus and eagerly pursue opportunities to share this treasure with the unconverted; Discipleship – instill a passion for seeing believers mature in the faith through ongoing mentoring ministry.

Our Values

Christ expects His people to go forth with urgency to see the Great Commission accomplished. He has lovingly given us the Church as that body in which His people may be equipped and enjoy fellowship and partake of the means of grace. God’s inerrant and infallible Word propels His people out into the world to joyfully testify of God’s wonderful plan of salvation through the only Savior, Jesus Christ.

What We Do

RP Global Missions Short Term seeks to provide longer duration mission trips that will provide our participants with greater opportunities to grow in an understanding of what it means to be a missionary, to form more lasting relationships with partnering congregations we serve, and the people God blesses us to witness to during our trip.

We partner with host congregations to be their servants to aid the saints in reaching further into their communities and in ministering to the needs that the local saints are most capable of identifying and addressing. This provides you opportunities to learn new methods and experience new facets of ministry than what you may have witnessed in your local church or community.

Our trips are open to Christian individuals, couples, families, church groups, outreach teams and youth groups. We welcome inquiries for custom arrangements for groups. Our mission opportunities range from two weeks to three years in length and we utilize online weekly seminars to aid in preparation of each team in the months leading up to departure.

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