Saddles in Service

Saddles In Service at Storm Son’s Ranch is a Veteran founded non-profit promoting wellness and healing for our Heroes and Horses at absolutely no cost to participants!

The Saddles In Service program offers Active Duty Military, Veterans, Firefighters, Law Enforcement Officers, and First Responders the unique opportunity to explore their own healing alongside a rescue horse. Many men and women experience different stressors throughout their service to our Nation and communities. It is our goal to assist Heroes in their process of working through these stressors. According to a study conducted by Baylor University, Equine Therapy has proven to lessen depression, anxiety, and isolation in combat-Veterans.

Through the Saddles In Service program our Heroes and Horses learn to trust one another through care, groundwork, and riding. We challenge our Heroes to be vulnerable and reach deep inside themselves, to face their fears and doubts. It is our hope that our Heroes will be able to discover new strengths in their healing process.

Our program is absolutely free to our Heroes and their families. Our program is tailored to fit the specific physical and emotional needs of each Hero we serve. We carefully pair Hero and Horse and assist the pair in building their relationship through grooming, groundwork, and riding. Horses can sense human emotion and react based on those emotions. While working with their horses, our Heroes learn the importance of being aware and begin to work on controlling their emotions. Throughout the program, Heroes will regain confidence, learn patience, and rediscover themselves.

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Our History

Saddles In Service opened to the public in December of 2017, serving one Hero at the time. By December 2018, Saddles In Service has served over 200 Heroes. Our goal is to serve our Heroes who may be experiencing PTSD, feel anxious, depressed, angry, or isolated. These everyday Heroes put their lives on the line, and always put others first. Protecting the public comes so natural to our Heroes. It is time for someone to put them first. We created this program to show our Heroes, that they are not alone in their everyday battles.

Our Mission

To challenge First Responders, Active Duty Military, Veterans and their Families to rediscover their strength, purpose and confidence through the freedom of a horse.

What We Do

Read what participants say

Volunteering at the ranch has brought peace and love back into my life. These majestic animals are mirrors to our souls. They bring out how I am feeling. I started out a nervous wreck. But as time and patience has taught me, everyone including and especially the horses bring positive reinforcement to this vet. I really love this place and how it’s “hands on.” I have seen the horses and heroes “evolve” together. Witnessing the “joining up” and how so many “battle hardened” vets have found a sense of accomplishment and calmness from within. Kyle – SGT 1/506 Airborne Division

As a Veteran that supports other Veterans, I am always looking for services, non profits and experiences that will benefit Veterans in a holistic healing approach. I was invited to @SaddlesinService a.k.a. Storm Son’s Ranch and was beyond overjoyed at the “non program” offered to help Veterans. Their approach is so personalized that the Veteran is met where they are and supported from an intrinsic level. Tammy’s enthusiasm and passion are evident the moment you meet her. She and her husband (a retired Naval Officer) are devoting their lives and their love to help Veterans and horses to come together in a truly magical healing experience.​​ Bonnie – Army Veteran

Saddles in Service participates in the Generous Giving Program. Click here to learn how you can support their work at no cost to you. 



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