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The Task

As motivated individuals of Wycliffe Bible Translators working in Uganda and Tanzania we are committed to and involved in almost every aspect of the task of getting the Bible into the minority language groups of these two countries. The wide variety of jobs will give you an idea of the enormity of this task.

Effective Bible Translation involves a team of people: translators who are speakers of the language and have been trained in translation principals; technical experts trained in exegesis and Bible translation; and translation consultants who have experience in translation and have the knowledge and expertise needed to check the quality of translations to ensure Scripture is translated naturally, accurately and in a way that communicates effectively to speakers of the language.

The translation team can find themselves being challenged intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually as they seek to bring God’s Word to those who have never held or understood it. But the job is hugely fulfilling, and the rewards are out of this world!

Join us in language related work. Become involved in the worldwide task of Bible Translation. Find out what it takes to do language work in unwritten languages.

Join Us in Support Work. You can help support the worldwide task of Bible Translation by using skills you may already have. Wycliffe members serving in Uganda and Tanzania are not just translators and linguists. Skilled people of all ages, and from many walks of life, are needed to help finish the task.

Whether short-term or longer, you can invest your time and expertise to bring life to others. Positions are non-salaried. Each Wycliffe member or volunteer raises his or her own support from family, friends and churches.


Contact: Toby Mak
Organization: The Task
Phone: 255-757-000-000
P.O. Box 60368


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