SMIC Private Kindergarten

At the SMIC Private Kindergarten we are in the business of world-changing agents: children. It is our goal that every child grow to discover their gifts and posses the inward qualities of confidence, integrity and love for life and others. By serving the least of these we serve the greatest of causes.

Our History

In 2002, Dr. Richard Cheng, started the SMIC Company (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation) with a vision to open a factory, a church and a school. The SMIC K – 12 Private School originally served to educate the employees of SMIC Company. Since then, it has opened to outside applicants and has grown to its present state, an enrollment of more than 1,800.

In the Preschool and Kindergarten enrollment are over 700, employing 21 full-time native-English speaking staff and educators. The Kindergarten program was first Chinese while offering intensive ESL classes in which English was taught twice daily. Broadening its scope, in 2014, the Preschool started its first All-English immersion program, which now extends to the second year students—ages 4 – 5.

Richard Cheng was guided by biblical values in his vision for SMIC—those values we continues to uphold.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help children acquire English as a second language through the best experiences we can offer: having fun, playing games, singing songs, life-changing stories, and connecting in love. Beyond the classroom, we serve the families of children, our Chinese coworkers and endeavor to impact the people of China.

Our Values

At SMIC Private Kindergarten, we value hard work, excellent teaching, and quality service to families. We value a love of culture and learning, and respect for cultural differences. We believe that it is only through a high-level of professionalism and love and respect for China that we can be an effective witness to our community and bring glory to God.

SMIC Private Kindergarten - What We Do

The SMIC Private Kindergarten and Preschool employs 21 Native English teachers for the ESL program in the Chinese Kindergarten, and the All-English Immersion program. In Shanghai, China, we are very international in our approach and values. With the large, majority of our students from mainland China, many of our students come from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, India, the U.S. and other parts of the world.

ESL teachers teach 4 – 5 classes daily, or about 3 hrs of total instruction time. All-English Immersion teachers partner with a Chinese teachers’ assistant. They have about 2hrs of prep per day but are otherwise with their students for all activities and events. Besides the teaching side, we enjoy Chinese holidays and festivals, and introduce some Western holidays throughout the year. We are always in search for teachers who would like to join our mission and use their vocation for eternal ends.

To learn more about  our school visit our website.

SMIC Private Kindergarten (Shanghai) is always looking for English speaking teachers for ESL and bilingual programs.To learn more about current teaching opportunities, benefits and requirements please visit our Facebook page.

Contact: John Anderson
Organization: SMIC Private Kindergarten
Phone: 86-21-5855-4588
Website: No website
No. 3, Lane 19, Qing-Tong, Road
Shanghai 201203

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