StoryRunners exists to help unreached language groups hear the gospel in a format they understand: oral Bible storytelling. Almost 7,000 languages exist in the world today. More than 1,800 have no Bible, New Testament, or any portion of Scripture. A StoryRunners team coaches local speakers how to develop 40 Bible stories, from Creation to the Return of Christ, in their own language and how to use those stories in evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. Our vision is to spark house church planting movements among 500 unreached languages groups by 2025.

Our History

StoryRunners is a Cru ministry launched in 2003 to use an oral Bible storying strategy to reach oral learners who have never heard the gospel in their own language. As a founding member of the OneStory partnership, we accelerate the work of Bible story development among unreached language groups. We also partner with mission agencies around the world to reach people with the gospel.

Our Mission

To help people in oral tradition cultures which have little or no Scripture hear the gospel and to equip them to grow in communities of faith. To work with national ministry leaders to start church planting movements by using an oral Bible storying strategy to take the gospel to these unreached language groups in order to change lives and to transform communities. Use a fast-track approach in order to reach 500 language groups by 2025 and to mentor thousands of local speakers of these languages as they lead story groups and house churches.

Our Values

Fast Quality – BONA (Biblically accurate, Orally reproducible, Naturally told, Appropriate to culture); Language-centric; Bibleless or unreached people groups; Ministry-oriented (evangelism & story groups & church planting); Relational storytelling approach; Equip focus language speakers in ministry skills.

What We Do

StoryRunners reaches oral cultures through Bible storying. We send a four-person team to lead a five-week School of Storying (SOS) project that coaches local speakers of an unreached language group as they develop a set of 49 oral Bible stories that are Biblically accurate, are easily learned and retold, are appropriate to culture, and sound natural to the hearer. The SOS participants learn to use those stories relationally in evangelism, discipleship and church planting. As they start multiplying communities of faith, lives are changed and communities are transformed.

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