Surfing Missions El Salvador

SURFING MISSIONS EL SALVADOR. All inclusive SURF & SERVE volunteer trips. Transforming beach communities of El Salvador, thru assistance, education and the love of JESUS.

Our History

The Castellanos family is at the core of Surfing Missions. Almost 20 years ago, the popular TV news anchor (Salvador), his pretty preschool teaching wife (Mayi) and their 3 teenage kids (Rodrigo, Marcelo and Andrea), built the Surfing Missions property called Villa Surf in the El Tunco beach area, in La Libertad, El Salvador. They started hosting faith groups that wanted to surf great waves and serve the neediest.

A few years later, the Castellanos moved from the city to the beach to accomplish their fate: “Love God, Serve Others”. Eventually they founded La Red, a nonprofit Christian organization devoted to inspire, teach, and facilitate positive and sustainable lifestyles in the coastal communities of El Salvador. Now, with an empty nest, Salvador “Chamba” Castellanos and Mayi Castellanos keep loving God and serving others, devoting time and effort to Surfing Missions along with other La Red projects.

Our Mission

Visiting and helping children at an orphanage, providing health services, construction, food distributions, surf camps; women, children and youth programs; workshops and families visitation, are all part of a long list of serving opportunities.

Our Values

Love God, serve your neighbor.

What We Do

Surfing Missions draws surfers and non-surfer groups to El Salvador to serve in the coastal communities of La Libertad. We provide them with airport transfers, local transportation, lodging at, healthy and delicious meals, a group interpreter and itinerary and logistics coordination. And this all happens steps away from world class surf breaks.

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