Tapestries of Life

Tapestries of Life is an organization, building a facility for 200+ kids in Mexico. The orphanage is in a town called “Guadalupe Distrito Bravo Chihuahua”. We are 90% completed with this vision, all we need is encouraging people to come and help us bring the children home, from out of the streets.

Our History

Since 1987, Tapestries of Life has been a constant presence in many Border communities–feeding, educating and rescuing children to the glory of God. Today, we are close to finishing the children home, where they belong.

Our Mission

We are looking forward to finishing this vision as soon as possible. We have seen many miracles, and we would love for you to join with us in this life changing experience. There is an estimate of 17,000 orphan kids in just the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. Kids are not just rocks that should be thrown in the streets, they are precious gem stones, that don’t only need a hand out but a hand up.

Our Values

What we like to give you as an experience is a big taste of this wonderful Mexican culture. You will interact with the Mexican people from this area and enjoy their presence. We hand out food pantries to this community and also feed them with the word of God.

What We Do

We are working on the last 10% of this vision, looking forward to finish the cafeteria to bring the children home. We hire Mexican people to work besides us, so they can feel pride about them selves, knowing they’ve worked on Gods vision for their own country. No matter the age, there is always something you could help with.

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