The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission

The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission located 350kms east of Delhi in the town of Banbasa, is more than an orphanage. Children hunger for a home–not only food and shelter, but safety, community and love. We are a family, and God provides for our every need.

Our History

The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission was started more than 70 years ago by American Missionaries, Rev. and Maxton and Shirley Strong. The Mission is now run by Max’s grandson, a team of incredible staff and the help of caring individuals worldwide. We wake up each day with the same goal: Work hard to bring as much love to as many children as possible. It’s not always easy and comes with many challenges to overcome but by God’s grace, we’re doing it! Lives are being changed and stories rewritten.

Our Mission

Our mission is simply to provide a home for the homeless, a hope to the hopeless.

Our Values

Our Christian values are what drive us. Our belief that God loves every child gives us the strength to persevere in the work we do even when things get tough. The majority of our staff are volunteers who place the value of our work and impact far beyond any desire for physical possessions.

What We Do

The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission is an independent, non-governmental, social development organization that has been providing support to those in need since 1952. ‘The Mission’ works in an array of areas. In addition to our children’s home, we run our own farm, give support to lepers, provide free vocational training, education, supply disaster relief etc. It’s primary focus is the care and protection of orphan children.

The Mission works hard to provide a loving home and family for every child in its care working hard to promote family relationships and impart a spirit of responsibility in every member of the organization.

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