Viña Association

Viña Association is a media production ministry located in the highlands of Guatemala. We are passionate about empowering oral learners, to grow into their full potential in Christ. Do you want to change the world? We are bringing about life transformation to one of the largest demographic groups in the world? If you a self-starter, a team player— we would like to give you an opportunity to make your mark on the world.

Our History

Viña’s story began as a response by Bible translators in Guatemala recognizing the need for Scriptures in audiovisual formats in meeting the needs of the Maya, who were oral learners. Their focus on the Maya has widened to producing much needed materials for children in the world.

Our Mission

Utilize technology and the arts to develop and deliver biblical resources that empower minority people groups to worship, evangelize, disciple, and fulfill the mission of the Church in culturally appropriate ways.

Our Values

•       God’s word • Prayer •       Work in partnership with others •       Orality •       Heart languages •       Evangelism & Discipleship •       Contextualized  Scripture •       Training of trainers and doers •       Indigenous ownership

What We Do

We help ordinary people make an extraordinary impact by bringing the stories of Scripture alive so that children everywhere can experience the love of Jesus. Our main focus in the production of a video series called Deditos (Little Fingers) designed to target children between the ages of 4 and 14, although it has proven to connect with adult audiences as well. Firmly based in the Biblical narrative, these foundational Old Testament stories are carefully crafted for maximum dramatic impact. Each one highlights God’s unfolding plan for the world, his dealings with his creation and mankind’s response to him through the ages. An intentional effort is being made to avoid contextualizing for any one region or ethnic group so that viewers around the world can relate to the stories from their own life experiences.

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