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Youth Sport Uganda

Youth Sport Uganda is a sports for development organization founded on Christian principles and values. YSU uses the power of sport to give youth the opportunity to learn life-skills that will help them improve their own lives, that of their families and communities, and society as a whole. We also see sport as a great tool to reach youth with the message of Jesus Christ

Our History

YOUTH SPORT UGANDA is a national sport for development NGO based in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. YSU was founded in 2006 (Reg No.NAK/160) as a community based organization and registered in 2010 as an NGO (S. 5914/8982). YSU offers programs that help disadvantaged young boys and girls develop confidence and social skills through sport. Since 2006, YSU has helped thousands of children from different social, economic and religious backgrounds form friendships and learn about important issues such as HIV/AIDs. YSU’s programs promote health and education in a fun, relaxed setting. Also, through its initiatives, Youth Sport Uganda has been able to promote inclusion for girls in sport to help them stay in school and avoid challenges like teen pregnancies.

Our Mission

The mission of YSU is to provide hope for the orphaned and the under privileged children of our community through the power of sports, education and faith.

Our Values

Faith, rooted in a Biblical worldview, guides our decisions and our actions. We place a high priority on prayer, submitting our plans to the Lord and seeking His will in all of our endeavors. We trust God to provide for our needs which includes the responsibility of our staff to raise their own personal/financial support. We use the sport of soccer for sharing the gospel in places that may be difficult to access otherwise. Relationships establish the community through which we cultivate lives for Christ. We must be involved in relationships so that we can be transformed and have an impact on others.

Youth Sport Uganda - What We Do

SPORT FOR LIFE is a social program implemented by YSU. Under this program we promote sports in the rural districts of Uganda. Our aim is to use sport as a social development tool for the children. Through regular practice the kids benefit from learning about teamwork, a healthy life, empathy, and leadership skills. GIRLSPORT – Youth Sport Uganda runs many programs specifically for girls with an aim to get them more active and engaged. Special emphasis is placed on female leaders and coaches who can improve the standards of all women in the community. Because girls do not have the same opportunities for social interaction as boys in Uganda, ensuring that girls experience needed basic education is a priority for Youth Sport Uganda. EQUIPMENT DISTRIBUTION – YSU receives new and used sports equipment and distributes them freely to the kids who want to play sport but cannot afford equipment. SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM – We offer this program to kids who would be unable to be a part and/or for those not able to pay school fees required to be in school. We welcome sponsors locally and from abroad to provide for children who otherwise would not be be provided for due to lack of funds. You may learn more about this opportunity on our website.

Contact: Joshua Opolot
Organization: Youth Sport Uganda
Phone: +2567762526344
PO Box 31713

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