YWAM Lancaster

Two thousand years ago, Jesus gave a command, a commission to His friends, to make disciples of all nations. There are still billions of unreached people and thousands of languages that do not know Him. This is unacceptable. Our generation can finish this.

Now is the time to seek God and get sent.

YWAM Lancaster has one mission – to help you boldly take the gospel to all nations and fulfill the Great Commission while being radically in love with Jesus.

We believe a biblical worldview, discipleship, and accountability are instrumental to sharing the gospel. Transformation happens when a community of passionate Jesus followers, led by the Holy Spirit, all walk in their identity and calling. And here is where your story sets out.

Our History

YWAM Lancaster is dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission by empowering and equipping individuals to share the gospel with people in hard-to-reach places. Our mission is to help you live your life boldly and catalyze movement across the face of the earth. We aim to be a catalyst, an instigation, and a spark to ignite your way into living your life on a mission while being radically in love with Jesus.

Our Mission

We affirm that the Bible is the inspired and authoritative Word of God and is the most relevant, transformational tool.

What We Do

YWAM Lancaster, situated in Ephrata, is renowned for exceptional discipleship training, empowering aspiring missionaries to fulfill the Great Commission. With a focus on reaching hard-to-reach areas, participants cultivate a deep relationship with Jesus and become devoted messengers of God’s love. Experienced instructors ignite a fervent passion for Christ, leading to far-reaching impacts worldwide. Join the transformative adventure of discipleship and mission.

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