A Teacher Discovers God’s Will is a Perfect Fit

A year of serving in a foreign culture, breaking down all comfort zones, and seeing God move mountains has a tendency to put you in touch with every bone, vessel, and fiber that makes you human.

Katrina, a TeachBeyond member who teaches at Grace International School, Thailand, says she gives all the credit to God that she did not just survive, but thrived – so much so that she is looking forward to another year of ministry in Thailand. She tells the story of one of her students whose greeting at the start of the school year confirmed for Katrina that she is doing God’s will.

Teach Beyond

“When I first arrived at Grace International School last August, a sweet student named Yena (pictured above with Katrina) stopped me in the hallway and said, ‘When I heard that we were not going to have a graphic design and yearbook teacher this year, I was devastated because this was my last chance as a senior to take these classes. So, I started praying that God would send a teacher. I especially asked God to send a lady who also loved art, just like me. And, now that I see you, you’re perfect!’”

“Although I have not achieved perfection, I couldn’t agree with her more,” Katrina said. “God did send me and I fit perfectly. Throughout the entire year, this thought has continued to humble me. Yena and I worked closely this year, and I definitely had tears at her graduation. Seeing all the seniors that I had grown so close to this past year graduate and go out into the world was a highlight of my year.”


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